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Sport Fishing in Uganda

Uganda has many freshwater lakes and rivers, however, sport fishing is done on a few including River Nile, Lake Victoria, and Lake Mburo. The major fishing sports are Entebbe and Jinja on Lake Victoria, Murchison Falls on the Victoria Nile and Mazinga in Lake Mburo, however, Murchison falls is the most common fishing destination.

Sport fishing on the waters of the Victoria Nile in Murchison falls is very rewarding to keen anglers. You can catch incredible species, including the Nile Perch, Catfish species, not the Electric catfish, Tilapia, Tigerfish, Genus Alestes (locally known as ‘Ngara’). The Nile perch “Mputa” and the Catfish “Semutundu” are the largest species usually caught from the waters of the Nile in Murchison falls.

The largest recorded catch of the Nile Perch was 113kilograms at the water gauge opposite the crocodile pool, while that of the catfish was 45kilogrames near the Nyamusika cliffs. A fishing boat with a skipper and an expert guide you will head off to the waters to start the fishing adventure.

The Fishing method used is by casting lures / Live baits for species like the Nile Perch and many species of the catfish. Start off by fishing the small species used as live baits, it is part of the fishing experience no live baits are supplied. There are various species of small fish including tigerfish used as live baits which are obtained by spinning.

The traditional fishing season in Murchison Falls varies year to year regarding the most fruitful fishing months. It is good to note that the dry months of the year record the best fishing results, which is usually January to March, June to October and December. Much as fish is caught all year round, for better results, we advise you to avoid the rainy month of April and May.

The Temperatures in Murchison falls are generally high, sometimes higher than 40 degrees Celsius especially in the afternoon. Anglers need to be equipped with sun protective supplies like suntan lotion, long-sleeved shirts and hats. We also recommend that you have long trousers and insect repellents to protect you against Tsetse flies and mosquitos. Avoid blue and dark colours as they would attract tsetse flies.

Fishing in Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria in Entebbe is a good fishing point for those with little time while in town, with great opportunities of catching the Nile Perch which is the biggest freshwater species in the world. The adventure experience is on a catch and release basis by use of lure baits. The boats used are speed double engine boats of about 6–10 meters.

Fishing on Lake Victoria is all year round however rainy season of April-Mays should be avoided if possible for better results.

Trips can be half-day or full-day, starting from the Jetty at Entebbe Waterfront opposite the UWEC.

Sport Fishing in Jinja

Fishing in Jinja on the Nile and Lake Victoria is also a striking adventure experience. Jinja section of the Nile is characterised by falls and rapids which can make it hard for fishing, it is for this reason that most of the sport fishing is on the waters of Lake Victoria in Jinja. It is a hotspot for the great Nile Perch, fishing can be on the shores of the lake or anglers can use speed boats.

The most effective method for sport fishing is by use of lure/live baits. The best season is during the drier months of December to early March and June to August when the lake is mostly calm.

Fishing at Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo national park also offers fishing opportunities with about six species of fish. Mazinga is the designated fishing spot, Tilapia is the most commonly caught species in Lake Mburo. You need to come along with your own fishing equipment in order to be able to carry out sport fishing on Lake Mburo.

What to Pack for Sport Fishing

Spare batteries for cameras and electronic equipment

All necessary personal medications

Protection from the sun, enough suntan lotion and mosquito spray/ insect repellent

Clothing; lightweight and light coloured clothing is recommended for fishing, and they are cooler and less attracts tsetse flies,

Long-sleeved shirts and long trousers are most-preferable.

Hiking or safari boots are good, especially when inshore fishing from the rough, steep rocks.

Hats and sunglasses, and lightweight rain jacket and sweater are recommended for the rainy hours and evenings.

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