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Kampala City

Kampala is the capital of the Republic of Uganda, located in the central part of the country. Kampala is the main administrative town with most of the headquarters to government and non-government organisations. Banks, embassies, private local and international agencies are the highest trading town in the country.

Kampala is on the Northern shores of Lake Victoria and about 40kms from Entebbe international airport. The City’s name is derived from Impalas which dwelled in the jungles where the city now sits. 

The city’s administration is Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), under the leadership of an Executive director. The city was built originally on seven Hills Namely, Old Kampala, Nakasero, Namirembe, Nsambya, Rubaga, Kibuli and Mengo. But as of today has expanded as far as Nagulu, Makindye, Kololo, Makerere and Muyenga Hills.

Kampala has a rich and diverse History related to its Geography, religion, and culture, making this city a significant tourist destination.

Sightseeing in Kampala

Kampala Gadaffi Mosque

Some of the attractions within Kampala city include Religious; Namirembe Anglican cathedral, Rubaga Catholic Cathedral, Old Kampala (Gadafi) Mosque, the Bahai Temple, Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, and the Martyrs trail has religious and cultural significance. Its history relates to contentions between religion and culture, including; the Kabaka’s Lake, Mengo Bulange and Kabaka’s Palace, Kasubi Tombs, Uganda Museum, Ndere Cultural centre and Uganda National Theatre. Other things to see include the independence monument, Mandela National Stadium for the sports lovers, and a visit to the local markets like St. Balikudebe (Owino), Nakasero Market and the souvenir markets like African Crafts Markets along Buganda road.

Kampala Nightlife is another attraction of its own, with several clubs, casinos, Cinemas and theatres offering different types of entertainment. Commonly referred to as the Entertainment Capital of East Africa, Kampala is considered one of Africa’s safest cities.

Bodaboda riding in Kampala

Things to do around Kampala

There are a lot of activities to choose from on a visit to Kampala city, and one can do a city tour in several ways, including;

  • City tour on foot, the Kampala guided walking tour is a great way to experience the lifestyle of downtown city dwellers.
  • Cycling tours through riding a bicycle with a guide or on the back of a Bodaboda (motorcycle), the above are the most straightforward modes that can help you visit many places beating the traffic congestion.
  • A bus tour is another way to experience Kampala city. City sightseeing buses have several packages from which you can choose to explore the city.

However, the safest way to visit most of the attractions in Kampala is in a private car with your driver guide.

When to Visit Kampala

You can visit Kampala city all year round; however, it is worthy to note that Kampala has no definite dry season. Much as February to June and August to December are wet months, April usually receives the highest volume of rainfall. It rains any time, any day, even during the dry season, so an umbrella may be necessary on a city tour of Kampala.

Getting Around Kampala

It’s always easy to get around Kampala city with various available transport modes,

Bodabodas are the quickest way to get around Kampala, be sure to use Uber, Safeboda or Bolt for improved safety.

Many special hire taxis can get you around; some use Apps like Uber and Bolt; others do not, but can be reliable.

Kampala is a road Hub to most places in the country, with different taxi parks and stages and bus terminals, but this might not be as safe as Tourist Private Transport.

Accommodation in Kampala

Kampala has a variety of accommodations of all categories ranging from Inns, Guesthouses to 5-star Hotels, some of which include;

Forest Cottages, Villa Kololo, Hotel Africana, Speke Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel and Hotel Triangle, within the 3-star range.

The 4-star accommodations include; Humura Resort, Casia Lodge, Hilton Garden Inn, Kabira Country Resort, Speke resort Munyonyo, Urban by City Blue, Fairway Hotel, Protea Kampala Hotel, Golf Course Hotel, La petit Village and Emin Pasha Hotel in the Mid-range.

While Sheraton Hotel, Pearl of Africa Hotel, Munyonyo commonwealth Resort, Kampala Serena Hotel, Latitude 00 Hotel, Mestil Hotel, Lake Victoria Serena resort, Aquarius Kigo Resort, Protea Hotel Kampala Skyz by Marriot and many others on the Higher end.

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